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Footprint Partners

Assessing, Refining and Generating a Culture of Sustainability:
Footprint Partners Sustainability Platform

Footprint Partners has developed four proprietary diagnostic tools that pinpoint cultural obstacles to adoption.  With that data and actionable insight, we then partner with the organization’s internal resources to design appropriate responses.

Sustainability Cultural Alignment AssessmentSM
This cultural survey quickly identifies which attributes and values are needed to support your sustainable practices and which may need to be transformed. Anchored by the recognized Barrett model for cultural values assessment, Footprint Partners highlights sustainability-oriented values and develops the messaging and training programs to align internal stakeholders with the company’s vision.

Sustainability Readiness IndexSM
Understanding an organization's degree of readiness for sustainability is one of the first steps toward identifying and addressing obstacles before they derail the plan.  Based upon change readiness models,  our Sustainability Readiness Index provides a straightforward, actionable and predictive scorecard that helps shape the design of effective sustainability programs and initiatives.

Leadership Competency Model for SustainabilitySM
Footprint Partners has identified seven primary competencies required for authentic  adoption of sustainability practices in organizations. We imbed these competencies into your existing leadership competency model and/or performance management system so that your leadership actions align with your sustainability objectives.

Sustainability Message MapSM
Effectively communicating your sustainability practices can provide an important competitive advantage. Footprint Partners audits your current marketing and internal communications material and recommends adjustments to ensure your messages resonate with both internal and external stakeholders.